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Calculation of Trade Excursions





Trade excursion is the distance from the entry price to the highest high and lowest low that occurred prior to exit. These stats are accessible on a per-trade basis using T.Highest and T.Lowest. Distribution of trade excursions can be studied using the Trade Plots and Analysis window.

As with target and stop limit orders, there is potential ambiguity in how these stats are calculated for the specific entry and exit bars.

RealTest uses the following rules for how much of the entry bar to include in T.Highest/T.Lowest if exit is not the same day:

1.Entry at open (whether by design or due to gap beyond limit or stop price): T.Highest starts at High, T.Lowest starts at Low

2.Entry at close: T.Highest and T.Lowest start at Close

3.Entry with long stop, long stop+limit,  or short limit (w/o stop): T.Highest starts at High, T.Lowest starts at entry price

4.Entry with short stop, short stop+limit,  or long limit (w/o stop): T.Highest starts entry price, T.Lowest starts at Low

For the exit day:

1.Long limit or short stop: if T.Highest was that day, it is changed to exit price

2.Long stop or short limit: if T.Lowest was that day, it is changed to exit price

3.Exit at open: T.Highest or T.Lowest will factor in today's open

4.Exit at close: the day's range is included in both




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