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Daily Test Statistics


The number of entry orders that would be placed on this test date


S.EntryOrders is only meaningful for strategies that enter positions using EntryLimit and/or EntryStop.

For strategies that enter "at market" S.EntryOrders will always be the same as S.Entries.

For a strategy with no entry constraints, S.EntryOrders will be the same as S.Setups.

For strategies that enter using stop and/or limit orders, S.EntryOrders will be the smaller of S.Setups and MaxSetups.

For such strategies, S.Entries will usually be fewer than S.EntryOrders.

If referenced from any entry-related strategy formula, S.EntryOrders will return the prior test day's order count, not that of the current day.

Use Combined or Extern to obtain this value for all strategies or for a specific other strategy or StatsGroup.





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