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General-Purpose Functions





Perform general operations on single values. Any parameter of a function can be a literal number, a single value, or a formula.

Abs - absolute value of a number

Bound - limit the range of a value

Combined - evaluate stats expression using combined strategy results

Cosine - trigonometric cosine of a number of degrees

Cross - value1[1] < value2[1] and value1 > value2

DataType - causes value to be treated as a specific type (price vs. volume)

Date - get the numeric date for a given year, month, day

Days - number of calendar days between two dates

Exp - exponential function (e^x)

Extern - evaluate expression for a different stock/contract or strategy

IF - conditional branch

IsNan - true if value can't be evaluated, false if it can

Item - refer to a Data or Library item by name

Log - natural logarithm of a number

Max - largest of a group of values

MaxN - Nth largest of a group of values

Min - smallest of a group of values

MinN - Nth smallest of a group of values

NoNan - evaluate an expression with no possibility of a nan (not a number) result

Random - random number from min to max rounded to step

Round - round value to nearest step

Select - multi-part conditional branch

Sign - sign of a number (1 or -1)

Sine - trigonometric sine of a number of degrees

Sqr - square root of a number

SymNum - find the number of a given symbol, and/or allow dynamic external symbol usage

Tangent - trigonometric tangent of a number of degrees

TargetPrice - calculate the value of tomorrow's close that would cause an indicator to reach a specific level

Text - literal text for scan output, with optional embedded numeric values

This - anchored term in multi-bar function

Top - top N digits of a number





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