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Using Command Line Mode




RealTest supports an optional Windows command line mode. To use this mode, simply invoke RealTest from any Windows command shell window or batch script, with arguments specifying your desired action.

In each command line invocation, RealTest can perform one task. To perform several tasks, use multiple command line invocations.

Supported command line tasks:

realtest -import script.rts

- runs script.rts in Import mode

- saves RTD file if Import section includes a SaveAs path

- there is no command line alternative for SaveAs

realtest -scan script.rts

realtest -scan script.rts scan.csv

- runs script.rts in Scan mode

- saves scan to CSV if ScanSettings section includes a SaveScanAs path

- the optional scan.csv argument to supples this path if necessary (ignored if script already specifies it)

realtest -test script.rts

realtest -test script.rts stats.csv trades.csv

- runs script.rts in Test mode

- saves test stats to CSV if TestSettings section includes a SaveStatsAs path

- saves trade list to CSV if TestSettings section includes a SaveTradesAs path

- the optional stats.csv and trades.csv arguments supply these paths if necessary (ignored if script already specifies them)





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