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Running Scans




Scans are used when we want to extract a subset of data from the currently loaded data file and display that data in a specific way.

If you've gone through Tutorial 3, then you already know a lot about Scans.

To run a scan, you must first import or load a data file, then open or create a script that includes a Scan section.

If the currently active script includes a Scan section, then the Scan button on the Tool Bar (or the Scan item on the Run Menu, to which it is a shortcut) will be enabled. Pressing it will run the script in scan mode.

A Scan Settings section can be added to a script used to ensure that specific settings are in place before a scan is run.

The Filter formula of a scan defines which symbols and bars are included in the output.

All other items in a scan definition are used to add columns to the output with any desired contents.

For some examples of how to use scans to generate candidate or order lists for daily trading, see Daily Setups Scan, Multi-Row Scan and Test Output Scan.




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