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Run Menu




The Run menu is used to run the active script and select the mode in which to run it.

Menu items with icons next to them are also accessible using the Tool Bar.

The items on this menu are automatically enabled or disabled to reflect the contents of the active script.

Check and Apply validates the syntax of the active script. If the script contains one or more sections that define window contents (Charts, Graphs, Results, Trades) then it also updates all open windows of those types as specified in the script. Note that it is not necessary to select this item prior to any of the "Run" items -- they all perform the check and apply operation before running.

Run Test runs all Strategy (and Benchmark) sections of the active script as a single test using default parameters. Before the test is run, the Data section is recalculated as needed.

Run Optimization opens the Optimization Dialog, from which one or more tests are run in one of several possible optimization modes.

Run Import runs the Import section of the active script.

Run Scan runs the Scan section of the active script.

Stop stops whatever operation is currently running.





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