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RealTest uses the classic Windows Multiple Document Interface paradigm.

The main window contains a variety of child window types, and the main window’s menu bar changes depending on which type of child window is currently selected.

The child-specific menu is also always available as a popup menu by pressing the right mouse button within the child window.

Child windows within the main window can be arranged manually or by using the commands on the Window menu.

Child windows can be maximized or minimized as needed.

Any specific window can be selected and activated using the Window menu as well.

To save you from always having to open the Window menu to activate a different child window, RealTest also provides Window Tabs. Click on a tab to activate that window, double-click to maximize or restore the window, or use the [X] to close the window. Drag the tabs to change their order if desired.

Child window/document types include:


Results (columnar list of tests run with summary stats)

Stats Graphs (daily stats from a test)

Optimization Graphs (bar chart or heat map of optimization results by parameter)

Trades (list of trades from a test)

Trade Plots (scatter plot, trade-level profit curve, Monte Carlo analysis, etc.)

Scan (list of date/symbol / custom data output from a scan)

Charts (bar or candlestick chart from a trade list or scan)

Lists (general-purpose tabular data display)

Logs (optional text output from testing, analysis or debugging)

In addition to these child windows, there are two permanent dialog boxes:

1.Settings Panel (shown above)

2.Debug Panel (not shown above)

Each of these two dialogs can easily be hidden or shown using the "View" menu and/or dedicated function keys (F11 and F12).

The Window Tabs, Tool Bar and Status Bar can also be optionally hidden or shown using the View menu.




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