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Debug Panel





The Debug Panel facilitates detailed examination of data and/or test stats, either for interactive analysis or to help with formula construction.

It contains a mini formula editor which is used to produce immediate output to a log window, with optional display of evaluation detail.

It also allows the data for any symbol (including calculated columns) or the underlying stats from any test to be viewed in tabular format.

When accessed at the end of a test run with Debug selected for TestOutput, the full strategy formula context is also available for examination.

These capabilities make it possible to fully understand what’s happening "under the hood" of a formula or backtest.

The Debug Panel includes the following items:

Data Context

Specifies the symbol and most recent date to use for either showing a bar chart, showing underlying bar data, or evaluating a formula with data elements.

Stats Context

Specifies the test (from the set of tests in the currently active Results window) and strategy to use for either showing a stats graph, showing the underlying stats data, or evaluating a formula with stats elements.


Specifies how many days back from the Data Context date to show when either the Data or Stats button is pressed.


Logs the list of open positions at the end of the last test that was run.


This mini script editor lets you type any formula for immediate evaluation. If Show Evaluation is checked, every step of the evaluation is documented.

Log output after pressing "Evaluate":

List output after pressing "Data" (not all columns shown):

There are more columns in the above list. All user-defined data column values are included after the standard bar data.

List output after pressing "Stats" (not all columns shown):

There are many more columns in this list – all custom and built-in stats values are included.

These list windows also make it easy to save the underlying data to CSV format or copy/paste directly to Excel for further analysis.

Log output after running a test with "End Of test" set to "Debug" and then pressing "Positions":





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