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Bar Data Values





Refer to the current bar in a scan or backtest. The value[offset] syntax can be used to refer to previous bars.

BarDate - date of the current bar

BarNum - number of this bar from start of data

BarsLeft - number of bars remaining before the end of data

Close or C - bar close price

Day - day number

DayOfWeek - day of week (Monday is 1)

DayOfYear - day of year

Dividend - dividend amount ($/share)

EndOfMonth - true if next bar will end in a different month than this one

EndOfWeek - true if next bar will end in a different week than this one

Event - user-defined value from Event List file

Extra - bar extra value from CSV import

FunBar - relative bar number within a multi-bar function calculation

High or H - bar high price

InXXX - index constituency flag (Norgate) as set during import

Low or L - bar low price

Month - month number

NextOpen - next bar open price

Open or O - bar open price

Range or R - bar intraday range

Split - bar split factor (unadjusted / adjusted)

TrueRange or TR - bar range including prior close

Volume or V - bar volume

Week - week of year

Year - year number




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