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Bar Data Values


Dividend amount ($/share) earned on an ex-dividend date


Dividend will be 0 for every bar except for those of ex-dividend dates.

In other words, for any bar, Dividend is the $/share you will receive if you held the stock that morning before the open.

Dividend values will only be present in the data if the data source used for import provided them.

Norgate and Yahoo both provide dividend amounts.

If Adjustment is set to TotalReturn when Norgate data is imported, then dividends are converted to splits (price adjustments) rather than reported as dividend payments.

When data includes dividend payments and a position is held across an ex-dividend date in a backtest, RealTest assumes the dividend was received on that date, adds its amount to total equity, and reports it as a separate item in the trade list.

The main reason you would reference the dividend amount directly would be to filter for stocks with high or low dividends, or use time until next ex-dividend date as a factor in a strategy.




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