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Import Specification


Norgate data adjustment setting


Adjustment: choice


TotalReturn - all types of dividends are converted to splits

CapitalSpecial - corporate restructure events (mergers etc.) and special dividends are converted to splits

Capital -  (default) no dividend types are converted to splits

None - adjustment information is not imported (not recommended)


RealTest receives adjusted and unadjusted prices along with split and dividend histories from Norgate.

Imported data is then stored and used in unadjusted form so that each price reference on a given date reflects the actual price that was traded on that date.

When necessary for multi-bar indicator calculation or lookback comparisons, on-the-fly adjustment is performed.

See Split Handling for additional details about how this works.

General best practice is to use the default Capital in most cases.

Here are the trade-offs for each choice:

TotalReturn converts all dividends to splits. This makes trades held across an ex-dividend date look like their share quantities were adjusted when they actually would not have been.

CapitalSpecial does the above for special dividends including corporate restructuring events while correctly simulating payout of ordinary dividends.

Capital only treats actual stock splits as splits while simulating payout as a dividend of every other adjustment event. This introduces an occasional large price gap (with corresponding simulated dividend payout) around corporate restructuring events.





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