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Import Specification


Norgate data adjustment setting


Adjustment: choice


TotalReturn - prices are adjusted for capital reconstructions, special distributions and ordinary dividends

CapitalSpecial - prices are adjusted for capital reconstructions and special distributions only

Capital - prices are adjusted for capital reconstructions only

None - no adjustment


Though RealTest internally uses unadjusted price data, it also requires split and dividend information to be imported to properly perform its unique approach to Split Handling.

Ideally imported price data will include both adjusted and as-traded prices and the split and dividend histories.

For best results, only "capital reconstructions" should be considered as splits. Therefore Capital is the default when Adjustment is not specified.

CapitalSpecial adjustment converts special dividends to splits, which can sometimes distort past prices, especially in ASX data.

TotalReturn adjustment converts both ordinary and special dividends to splits, resulting in a distorted price series that will not be consistent with past live trades.

Do not use None unless you have a specific requirement to do so -- in this mode RealTest gets no dividend or split information whatsoever.




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