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Import Specification




All the information needed to import data for use in scans and tests.

Adjustment - Norgate data adjustment type

CIIFamily - Norgate corresponding industry index family

CIILevel - Norgate corresponding industry index level

Constituency - Norgate index constituency symbol list

CSVFields - CSV field order (comma-separated list)

DataPath - CSV or MetaStock file location

DataSource - data source name

EndDate - latest end date

EventListFile - event list file path

ExcludeIf - import filter formula (exclude symbol if true)

ExcludeList - excluded symbol list or file path

IncludeList - included symbol list or file path

LogFile - path\name of import log file to create

Padding - type of padding (if any) to use for missing bars

SaveAs - path\name of imported data (.RTD) file to save

StartDate - earliest start date

SymInfoFile - symbol information file path

Update - Norgate data update request




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