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Import Specification


List of one or more symbols to include when importing data


An Import Section can have any number of IncludeList statements.

Each IncludeList statement can take one of the following forms:

One or more symbols, separated by commas (up to a maximum of 260 characters in total)

A path to a TXT file containing a list of symbols

A path to a CSV file in which a column of symbols has a name that contains "symbol" or "ticker" or "underlying"

The name of a Norgate watchlist, preceded by a dot (Norgate only)

The symbols from all of the specified include lists are combined into a single internal list.

If there are duplicates, only one copy of each symbol will be imported.

A special syntax, SYMBOL>ALIAS, can optionally be used to rename a symbol after it is imported (e.g. AAPL>APPLE). This is meant to be used when you actually want to import the same symbol from two different sources, so that each can be uniquely identified.

The number of the list in which a symbol first appears (whether literally or via an external list) is stored with the symbol and becomes the value return by ListNum when that symbol is the current context.




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