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Script Sections


Allows a script to include another script


Include: path where path is either a full file path (e.g. C:\RealTest\Scripts\script.rts) or a path relative to the Scripts folder (e.g. Examples\script.rts).


A script can include any number of other scripts by using multiple include statements.

Included scripts can include other scripts, and so on (it's recursive).

RealTest ensures that each specific script is included only once.

Included scripts must contain entire script section definitions -- they cannot, for example, include just one part of a Strategy definition such as a set of exit-related items.

The combined scripts are parsed as one large script, so each item name (Data items etc.) must be unique across the combined scripts.

Suggested names in the script editor (auto-complete) will include any names defined in included scripts.

Include is applied in all script run modes. To include another script in a specific mode only, use OrdersInclude, ScanInclude or TestInclude.




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