Bar Data Values


Current bar split factor


The split factor of a past bar is defined as the as-traded price divided by the split-adjusted price (unadjusted/adjusted).

If no stock splits have occurred since the date of the past bar, the split factor is therefore 1.0.

Therefore, if split is not 1.0, it means there will be splits in the future relative to the current bar being evaluated.

Since RealTest always provides price or volume values "as-traded" (unadjusted), and multi-bar indicators adjusted for past splits (to avoid distortion) but not future ones,  there is rarely a need to explicitly refer to a bar's split factor.

Care must be taken to avoid implicit look-ahead bias when using split because, by definition, if split is not 1.0, this indicates a future split, not a past one.

See also Split Handling.




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