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Indicator Functions





Calculate specific technical indicators using data relative to the current bar. The indicator()[offset] syntax can be used to calculate indicators relative to previous bars. Any parameter of an indicator, as well as the offset (if provided) can be a literal number, a single value, or a formula.

ADX - Wilder's average directional index

ATR - Wilder's average true range

BBBOT - Bollinger band bottom

BBPCT - Bollinger band percent (%B)

BBTOP - Bollinger band top

BBTREND - Bollinger band trend

BBWIDTH - Bollinger band width

CCI - commodity channel index

CRSI - Connors RSI indicator

HVOL - historical volatility

KBBOT - Keltner band bottom

KBTOP - Keltner band top

MACD - MACD = EMA(C,len1) - EMA(C,len2)

MACDH - MACDH = MACD(len1,len2) - MACDS(len1, len2, len3)

MACDS - MACDS = MACD(len1,len2) - EMA(MACD(len1,len2),len3)

MDI - Wilder's negative directional index

OBV - on balance volume

PDI - Wilder's positive directional index

RRSI - reverse RSI (price required for RSI to reach level)

RSI - Wilder's relative strength index

SAR - Wilder's parabolic stop and reverse

SS - Grimes' Sigma Spike indicator

STOC - stochastics




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