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Much of the usefulness of RealTest comes from reviewing test results, getting new ideas from this review, modifying the strategy definition, and repeating this process.

After a test is run, a new row is added to a results window showing the summary stats from the test and providing a gateway to every available detail behind those stats.

Results analysis begins with simply looking at the columns in the results window.

The first three columns are always the test number, test notes (specified either in the Settings Panel or the script), and date range (ditto).

After that come all the user-defined columns as described below.

Finally, if there were Parameter values in any test shown, those are displayed as the rightmost columns, as shown above.

By default, the results column contents are defined in the script file RESULTS.RTS located in the same directory as the RealTest program.

This default script includes a number of commented-out column definitions. Feel free to uncomment if you'd like to add them to your stats display.

To change the order of the columns in the window, simply rearrange the lines of this script and the re-apply it.

See Results Section for more details on results window customization.

At any time, there can only be one set of results column definitions, which remain active until they are replaced.

Whenever a script is run, if it contains a "Results" section, this becomes the active set of columns for all open results windows.

If the script has no Results section, then the default RESULTS.RTS will be used instead. (This same mechanism applies to Graphs, Charts and Trades customization as well.)

The summary stats displayed in the results window are always the combined results for all the strategies within the script that was run.

To view the per-strategy summary statistics, select a results row and then view the Summary Report.

In addition to the above, the following features can also be accessed for any test record in a results window by using the right-click popup menu:

Show Original Test Script: displays the specific script used to run that test in a read-only editor window (even if the script file no longer exists or has been changed). If desired, you can use File/Save As to convert this to a new editable script file.

Get Settings: copies all the settings used when the test was run back to the settings panel window.

Rename: allows your to change the displayed name of the test

List Unique Symbols: builds a sorted list of each symbol used in at least one trade in the test and writes it to the log window.

The two "Delete" choices are self-explanatory. Pressing the Delete key will also delete the currently selected row, and Ctrl+Delete will do so without requesting confirmation.

"Copy To Clipboard" writes the entire contents of the window to the clipboard in tab-delimited format. This allows quick copy/paste into Excel with the columns preserved.

Save as CSV saves the window contents to a CSV file (all list window types include this choice in their menus)

Save Stats as CSV saves the underlying stats details to a CSV file (this can also be scripted using SaveStatsAs)

Save Trades as CSV saves all the trades of the test to a CSV file (this can also be script using SaveTradesAs)





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