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Parameters Section





Parameters or optimization variables are defined in their own section of the script. They can be given any name and used by any strategy.

Parameters can also be referred to in the formulas for items in the Data Section.

The syntax for defining parameter variables is different from other script sections where the standard formula syntax is used.

The end product of a parameter variable declaration is a list of values to use.

The syntax supports all of the following methods of defining a value list:

A single number

Traditional loop statement, e.g. "from 5 to 50 step 5"

Loop with multiplication, e.g. "from 5 to 200 mult 1.1"

Optionally, either of the above can include a "def" and/or "round" clause, e.g. "from 5 to 50 step 5 def 20" or "from 5 to 200 mult 1.1 round 1"

Or you can simply list the values you want, separated by commas

Note that all values used in this section must be simple numeric constants. No expression syntax (e.g. division) is allowed.

The following are examples of supported syntax:

If no default ("def") is specified, then the default value will be the first number in a list or loop.

Default values are used in the following circumstances:

a single test is run, rather than an optimization

an optimization is run but that parameter is not selected in the optimization parameter list

a formula from a non-strategy section, e.g. Scan, refers to a Data item that refers to a parameter in its formula

The Debug Panel can be used to experiment with the above syntax.

Evaluating any "from" statement in the debug formula causes the resulting value list to be written to the log window.





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