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List Windows





List windows display tabular data in rows and columns.

The Results, Trades and Scan windows are the most commonly used windows of this type.

Data can be sorted by any column by clicking on its header. Clicking again reverses the sort order.

Shift-click on another column to use it as a secondary sort when values in the first sort column are the same. Shift-clicking again reverses the secondary sort direction.

Sort priority and direction is shown using colored triangles, in "rainbow order" -- red, yellow, green, blue.

List window contents can be copied to the clipboard in tab-delimited format for easy pasting to Excel with columns preserved, and/or saved to disk in CSV format.

In Results, Scan and Trade list windows you can "drill down" to the detail behind any row by selecting the row and then using the context menu. Double-clicking or pressing the Enter key opens the most commonly used type of detailed data, such as a chart for a trade list or a stats graph for a test.

After a graph or chart is opened in this way, it remains linked to the list that it came from. By using the UP and DOWN arrow keys, you can flip through the charts of all trades in a test or symbols in a scan, or the equity curves of all tests in a set of results.

Closing a list window will also close all the graphs or charts that were associated with it.




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