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Specifies additional output and actions during and after a single test run

Choices (multiple, separated by commas)

None - no additional test output

Report - generate a Test Summary Report

Graph - open a stats graph and dynamically update it as the test runs

Log - generates a detailed transaction and position log and displays it at the end of the test

Orders - generate the list of Tomorrow's Orders

Scan - run a special scan allowing position-level formula elements to be used to output the list of positions remaining open and/or other details

Debug - break into the debug panel before closing end-of-test positions to allow full examination of the test context on the last date, and specify whether to show output from DebugEntry, DebugExit and DebugTargetStop statements in the script.


If TestOutput is not specified in a script then the choices from the Settings Panel will remain unchanged and be used.

If TestOutput: None is specified then all the check boxes in the Settings Panel will be cleared.

Otherwise, all the check boxes are reset to match the choices specified in this statement.





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