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Test Details Log




The Test Details Log can be used to study test results at the individual trade level in greater detail than is available in the Trade List Window.

To create this log, run a test with  specified, either via the Settings Panel or the TestSettings script section. There is not a way to create a transaction log after a test has been run, it can only be created while the test is running.

The log is created as a file in the "Logs" subdirectory of the RealTest directory, with the name TEST_xxxx.TXT, where 'xxxx' is the test number. If that file already existed, it is overwritten without confirmation, so if you want to be sure to save a transaction log file it is necessary to rename or move it.

When the test finishes running, the test details log file is automatically opened in a new Log Window.

The following is an example log output for one day of a the mr_sample.rts backtest:

Because this log output is tab-delimited, it can optionally be copied to Excel via the clipboard if you find it more convenient to view it in a worksheet and/or want to do further analysis.

To copy an entire detailed log to Excel:

1.Edit / Select All (or press Ctrl+A) in the log window

2.Edit / Copy (or press Ctrl+C) in the log window

3.Edit / Paste (or press Ctrl+V) in Excel





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