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ScanSettings and TestSettings Sections





These sections make it possible to specify scan or test settings within a script, rather than having to remember to set them manually on the Settings Panel every time you run it. They also support some additional settings that are not available via the panel.

For example, the scan example in the previous topic could be made to explicitly use a specific data file and only scan the most recent bar:


You could even add an Import section to the same script, so that a single script would run your daily data import and candidate list generation.

These items are supported in the ScanSettings section:

These Items are supported in the TestSettings section:

For the settings that correspond to drop-down lists in the settings panel, the choices are the same as the list contents except without the spaces.

Editor auto-completion will type them correctly for you:

Note that settings specified in a script are applied to the settings panel only while the script is running. When the run has finished, the former contents of the panel are restored. The only exception to this rule is the DataFile setting, since it's important to keep the same data file used to run a test or scan in memory after the run finishes, for purposes such as looking at trade charts.





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