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Formula with condition which, if true, causes an entire test to be skipped


This special formula in TestSettings is meant to be used when running optimizations.

As an example, if you were optimizing a simple RSI or Stochastics crossover strategy, you might use something like this:

Without the SkipTestIf filter, there would be 81 tests, including many "illogical" combinations (albeit perhaps interesting to test these...)

Adding the filter as shown above reduces the actual test count to 45 by eliminating the tests that don't "make sense" for this strategy idea.

This kind of filtering can help large optimizations run significantly faster.

Note that in the context of this formula there is specific strategy or stock. It is only evaluated once per test, before the run begins. The only meaningful elements to use in the formula will be your Parameters values.

Note also that the test count shown in the optimization dialog and in the status bar when the test runs indicates the full combination count without the filter. The filtered tests are simply skipped over and the final row count in the results window will be the count of non-skipped tests.




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