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Analyzing Test Results





After running a test, a new Results window will appear or, if one was already open, a new row will appear in it.

Each test that has been run gets its own row in a results window.

Behind each of these rows is a richness of information:

Here are links to details about many of the above items:

Daily Stats Graph

Trade Plot

Trade List

Summary Report

Optimization Graph

Show Original Test Script will open a new read-only script window displaying the exact script that was used to run this test. This is especially useful while repeatedly editing and re-running a script, when you can't quite remember how a particular result was achieved.

Get Settings resets the Settings Panel to show the settings that were used when this test was run.

Modify Notes allows you to edit the value of the "Notes" column for this test ("mr_sample" in the above image)

List Unique Symbols creates a new log window with a sorted list of each symbol that was traded at least once in the test.

The remaining items control the user interface of the Results window.




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