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Scan Output Windows are very similar to Trade List Windows and their use is demonstrated in Tutorial 3.

A new scan window is created whenever a script is run in  mode, as in the sample_scan.rts example script:

Data can be sorted by any column by clicking on its header. Clicking again reverses the sort order.

Shift-click on another column to use it as a secondary sort when values in the first sort column are the same. Shift-clicking again reverses the secondary sort direction.

Double-clicking on any row of a Scan Window opens a chart of that stock with the rightmost bar set to the date shown in that row.

Scan output can be copied to the clipboard and pasted as tab-delimited text. In Excel this automatically preserves the column structure.

Scan output can be saved to a CSV file by selecting "Save List as CSV File" from the Scan Menu:

The initial sort order(s) and direction(s) of Scan output can also be specified by adding a special item called Sort to the Scan definition, as in this example:

List one or more visible column names to specify the sort priority. Precede a name with a dash to indicate descending order, otherwise it will be ascending.

Note that the name used to refer to a column in the Sort statement must be its visible column title, not its formula name. Usually these are the same.




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