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Graphs Section





This script section defines each graph to include in the list of available daily stats graphs for any test that has been run.

If the active script does not include a Graphs section then the default graphs script graphs.rts is used.

Each graph type defined in this section becomes a button on the tab bar at the top of every Graph Window.

To access the underlying formulas for any Results, Graphs, Trades or Chart window, press the F9 key or use the context menu.

Each item defined in the Graphs section defines a graph to include. The item name becomes the name of the graph, and the item formula is evaluated for every date in the test results record and then plotted as either a continuous line or a histogram.

If a graph item name begins with an underscore, that item will not be plotted. Rather, it will just serve as an intermediate variable that other items can refer to. This can be useful to avoid repeating the same expression several times or to calculate an indicator that requires several steps.

A format specification comment can be included in any item and has two purposes. If no format is specified, the item will be graphed as a line using default number formatting.

The vertical bar {|} is used to specify that a histogram is to be drawn, otherwise a line graph will be drawn.

If a number format is specified, it will be used when drawing the Y axis and whenever a value is displayed for a specific date.

The special format code {^} is used to specify which graphs are included in Test Summary Reports.

To apply Graphs section contents to all currently open Graph windows, press F4 or click Apply.





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