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Trades Section





The Trades Section is where the columns to display in any Trade List Window are defined.

Here is an example of a script (the default trades.RTS) which adds some custom columns:

Applying this script causes the new columns to be shown in all open trade windows.

Here is how the trade list looks when scrolled horizontally to show the custom columns:

The formulas used in the Trades section will most often refer to syntax elements that begin with T.

When a Trade List Window is opened, RealTest loops through all the trade records that are embedded in the results record for that test and calculates each of the formulas in the Trades section for that trade. The context of any T. variable is therefore the specific trade being evaluated in this loop.

Trade List formulas can also refer to any stock bar elements such as Open, High, Low, Close and also any Data section elements. The context when bar/data elements are referenced will always be the bar on which the trade was exited. To refer to the entry bar of a trade, use T.Bars as an offset. For example, the close of the entry bar will be C[T.Bars]. To refer to the EntrySetup bar (the last completed bar at entry time), use C[T.Bars+1] unless EntryTime was ThisClose (market-on-close).

A format specification comment can be included in any item. If no format is specified, the item will use default number formatting.

To apply Trades section formulas to all currently open Trade List windows, press F4 or click Apply.

Literal strings or string functions such as Format can also be used in custom trade list columns.

In addition to the above, there are two special Trades items that can optionally be added: Filter and Sort.

The filter formula is evaluated for each trade to determine whether to include it in the list. A trade is included only if the Filter formula evaluates to "TRUE" or a non-zero value.

The sort specification lets you name the column(s) to use for initial sorting of the rows of the trade list after it is generated.




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