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String Values





RealTest allows literal quoted strings to be used in situations where they are useful (in particular, for Scan output formatting).

However, it does not require (or allow) quotes to be used around strings that are common elements of many scripts.

Script elements that do not require (or allow) quotes around them include:

data source names

file paths (even when spaces are embedded)

stock symbols

strategy names

Quoted strings can be used as terms in any formula, and can be either 'single-quoted' or "double-quoted". If you need literal quotes of one type within a string, surround it with the other type.

Basic formula operators that work with strings are: <, <=, >, >=, ==, <>. For example, 'b' > 'a' will evaluate as 1 (true). In all cases, case-sensitive comparison is used. (For case-insensitive comparison, use ToLower('B') > ToLower('a'), for example.) You are not prevented from using other operators with strings, comparing strings to numbers, etc. but the results of doing so are unlikely to be meaningful.

Several functions are provided to operate on strings, including:







The most likely use of strings as mentioned above is in Scan output. They can also be used in Trades column definitions. You can experiment with string expressions in the Debug Panel.









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