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Data Menu





The Data menu is used to load or unload the active data file (.RTD) or show a chart.


Select Data File opens a file selection dialog to allow selection of the active data file (RTD). Once a data file is selected, the current file (if any) is unloaded from memory and the selected file is loaded into memory. Most of the time, the active data file is loaded automatically when a script is run, so there is rarely a need to use this menu item.


Log Data Info writes information about the currently loaded data file to a log window, including the Import Section that was used to create it.

This is an example using the data file created by the import_norgate.rts example script:


Unload Data closes all windows that rely on data being in memory (Charts, Scans, etc.) and then releases active data from memory.


Show Chart provides a general-purpose way to open a Chart Window if a data file has been loaded into memory.

A dialog box is opened with a list of available symbols to choose from:

Once a chart has been opened, the symbol shown can be changed by using the up or down arrow keys or selecting Jump to Symbol from the Chart Menu.




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