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The Chart menu appears in the menu bar whenever a Chart Window is active, and can also be accessed by pressing the right mouse button within that window.

Each item on this menu also has a single keystroke associated with it, as shown to the right of the item.

Once you become familiar with these keyboard shortcuts, it is rarely necessary to open this menu.

Next Symbol and Previous Symbol can be used to quickly move through the list of symbols associated with the chart. The Up and Down arrow keys are the best way to do this. When the first symbol is selected, Previous becomes Last, since the Up key will loop back around the bottom of the list. Similarly, when the last symbol is selected, Next becomes First.

Jump to Symbol opens a symbol selection dialog where the desired symbol can be either typed or found in a list of available symbols. The chart is then changed to show that symbol.

Show / Hide Cursor toggles the vertical magenta cursor bar on or off. The cursor bar makes it possible to see the data values for any specific bar in the chart.

Show / Hide Cross-Hair toggles the + crosshair on or off. The crosshair makes it easier to line up bars in the main chart with the indicator panes, and/or to see specific horizontal levels across the entire chart.

Show Data opens a new List Window that shows all of the data represented by the chart, including values for each plotted indicator.

Get Information is a special feature that is only available if you use Norgate as your data source. Selecting this item launches a query of all the fundamental information about a stock that Norgate makes available. This information is written to file in the Info sub-directory of the RealTest installation directory. The file is named XYZ_INFO.HTML where XYZ is the symbol from the chart. The file is then opened as a new window in your default web browser program.

Show / Hide Indicator Pane shows or hides the top indicator pane of the chart window.

Show / Hide Volume Pane shows or hides the bottom indicator / volume pane of the chart window.

Show All Bars zooms the chart out to the maximum length of time available for the current symbol. Pressing ESC after doing this restores the zoom level to whatever it was previously. A very convenient way to quickly find a specific range of dates in a chart is to first Show All Bars, then drag the mouse across the desired area to zoom in to that area.

Black Background toggles the chart window background color between white and black.

Candlestick Chart toggles the price data bar drawing style between OHLC bars and candlesticks.

Logarithmic Scale toggles the scaling of the Y (price) axis between arithmetic and logarithmic.

Split-Adjusted toggles the price values on the chart between split-adjusted and as-traded (unadjusted).

Weekly Bars toggles the chart display between regular daily bars and compressed weekly bars.

Copy Image To Clipboard places a bitmap image of the currently displayed chart into the Windows clipboard.

Save Image As PNG File prompts for a file path to save the currently displayed chart in PNG image format.

Edit Chart Formulas opens a script window with the script that contains the Charts Section that was last applied to a chart. Most of the time, this will be charts.rts unless you've recently applied a different script with a replacement Charts section.

Refresh Chart forces all the indicators to be recalculated and the contents of the chart to be redrawn.

Options opens the chart options dialog box.





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