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Strategy Elements


Excursion beyond a limit price to require before assuming the limit order was filled


Any formula specifying dollars per share (points)


If this element is not specified or evaluates to 0, then limit orders are assumed to fill completely whenever the limit price is within the range of the day. This will be true even if the price happens to match the exact high or low.

In live trading it is not realistic to assume that limit orders very near the high or low of the day will be filled.

By using LimitExtra, you can make your trading model more realistic.

The value returned by this formula should specify a number of points (price per share) to require as the minimum extra excursion beyond the limit price.

A very simple assumption is LimitExtra: TickSize

For stocks, this is equivalent to Limitextra: 0.01

To assume that a larger spread is required for higher priced stocks, use a percentage instead, such as LimitExtra: 0.001 * C {0.1% of price}

It makes sense to use LimitExtra if you use standard limit orders when trading your strategy, or use LimitSlip if you use "market if touched" or "not held" (discretionary) limit orders.

See also EntryLimit, ExitLimit.





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