String Functions


Determine whether a string matches a pattern


Match(string, pattern)


string - a literal string enclosed in either double or single quotes ("string" or 'string') or a string function

pattern - a string (or function) defining the pattern to check the string against


The string and pattern are compared character by character.

? in the pattern can match any single character in the string.

* in the pattern can match zero or more characters in the string.

Otherwise, the characters must match exactly (ignoring case for letters).


Match("test1", "test2") is False

Match("test1", "test?") is True

Match("test1", "*test") is False

Match("test1", "test*") is True

Common Uses

Does string contain "XYZ"?

Match(string, "*XYZ*")

Does a string start with "XYZ"?

Match(string, "XYZ*")

Does string end with "XYZ"?

Match(string, "*XYZ")

Symbol Information (Norgate)

Was a stock delisted in 1995?

Match(?Symbol, "*-1995??")

Is the current symbol an individual ES futures contract?

Match(?Symbol, "ES-*")

Does the industry of the current stock have anything to do with oil?

Match(?Industry, "*oil*")






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