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Settings or OrderSettings


Overrides the default IB "good after time" time and time zone that is generated in CSV order lists


A quoted string that will be used for all such orders generated by this script.


RealTest adds a "good after time" (GAT) clause to any order of a strategy that specifies "NextClose" for its EntryTime, ExitTime, or ExitLimitTime for any exchange that does not support MOC and LOC orders, and for "NextClose" stop orders on every exchange.

The default GAT time for these orders is 15:58:00 xxx, where "xxx" is the exchange time zone code (e.g. EST, MET, AEST).

If you would prefer a different time for these orders, specify it as e.g.

in your script's Settings section.

A GAT time is only added to these orders when the current OrdersTemplate includes a "gat" column definition.




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