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Strategy Elements


Limits the number of same-category positions that can be open simultaneously in a strategy or group of strategies


Any formula specifying a count


MaxSameCat is one of the Capacity Constraints formulas used in the setup selection process.

A setup is only selected if the count with the same category as this setup of currently open positions plus previously selected setups plus one  would not exceed the value returned by this formula.

Setups skipped for this reason display "max same cat" in the Reason column of the Trade List, provided that the KeepTrades setting included Skipped.

If MaxSameCat is not specified then there is no limit placed on the number of same-category positions.

See Also: Backtest Engine Details and Capacity Constraints

When using Legacy Mode:

MaxSameCat is checked at position entry time rather than setup selection time

EntryScore is used to determine which entries got priority

MaxSameCat cannot be used in Combined or StatsGroup





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