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Stock/Contract Information





Information about the current stock in a test or scan.

?CII - corresponding industry index symbol string

?Currency - currency in which security trades

?Domicile - country name string

?Exchange - exchange name string

?EconSect - economic sector name string

?EquityType - security equity type (Common, Unit, etc.)

?IndGroup - industry group name string

?Industry - industry name string

?ListingType - security listing type (Primary, ADR, etc.)

?Name - security/company name string

?ReportingCurrency - currency in which security reports earnings

?Sector - business sector name string

?Symbol - security symbol string

?Type - security type string

InfoID - Norgate Asset ID for this symbol

InfoExpiry - futures contract expiration date

InfoFloat - shares in circulation

InfoGICS - Global Industry Classification Standard code

InfoMargin - futures contract current margin requirement

InfoTRBC - Thomson Reuters Business Classification code / - Norgate current fundamental item value / date

FilterNum - which filter was passed in a multi-filter scan

InList - whether the stock was part of a specific IncludeList during import

ListNum - number of first IncludeList the stock was part of during import

PointValue - futures contract point value

InfoShares - shares in existence

Symbol - current symbol code

TickSize - futures contract tick size





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