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Multi-Source Import





RealTest has the unique ability to easily combine data from multiple sources into a single .RTD data file.

The import_multi.rts example script shows how this works:

If you ran this script in Import mode (and had all the referenced data sources), the following would occur:

&ES (E-Mini S&P 500 futures continuous contract) and SPY would be imported from Norgate

SPY would also be imported from Yahoo with its symbol renamed to "SPY2"

AAPL would be imported from a CSV data directory (assuming there is a file named AAPL.CSV in that directory)

All symbols in a second CSV data directory would be imported (in this case the remaining DJIA components)

All these are combined in a single RTD file (and in memory)

The import log file multi.log appears

The log file confirms that all the symbols were imported:

Selecting Data / Show Chart shows that the data is now available in memory:










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