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This page states the privacy policy of the mhptrading.com website, Systematic Solutions LLC, and Marsten Parker (collectively "we") regarding your use of this website and the RealTest software product.

As can be seen by viewing its source code, mhptrading.com is a simple static website. No cookies, analytics, or any other information retention techniques are used. There is therefore nothing regarding browsing the website that is relevant to your privacy.

Systematic Solutions uses FastSpring as its Merchant of Record for all transactions, including free trial registration and delivery as well as license key purchase and delivery. The FastSpring privacy policy is therefore applicable to those transactions.

Systematic Solutions has access to the contact information that you provide to FastSpring, but is not, and never will be, in the business of selling or redistributing such information. We pledge to keep everything that we know about you confidential and to only contact you ourselves for necessary business purposes.

Systematic Solutions does not have access to the payment method details that you use for license purchases. Again, the FastSpring privacy policy applies to this category of information.

RealTest is strictly a local desktop application. It requires an internet connection for free trial management and license activation, and (optionally) to import market data from third-party data providers. We do not maintain a server of any kind, and there is no mechanism in RealTest to connect to any such server. All documents created with RealTest are private and local to you and your computer only.

If you choose to join the RealTest User Forum you can read its privacy policy on the forum's website. As is stated in the End-User License Agreement, we ask each user to agree to keep all forum content, including the identity of other users, private and confidential.