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RealTest Free Trial and Purchase

30-Day Free Trial

Download and run the Installer, then use the desktop icon to launch RealTest.

Try the sample1.rts example script by first pressing Import, then pressing Test.

Explore the other scripts in the Examples folder, and watch the tutorial videos.

New License

Gives you lifetime use of the current version plus all releases and updates for the next twelve months.

Allows activations on two computers at once (must both be for the same user).

The new license price is $389 USD*.

License Extension

Adds a year to your license date, or sets it to today if it has been more than a year since your last purchase.

You must use your original license email address when purchasing an extension.

The license extension price is $159 USD*.

* Non-USD purchase prices are calculated by FastSpring using Oanda exchange rates, and include a 3.5% currency conversion fee.

To use a US credit card for a non-US purchase select United States on the country menu and enter the US Zip Code associated with the card.

Computer Requirements

RealTest is a Microsoft Windows desktop application written in the C programming language using the native API.

Installation is simple with no external libraries required and minimal impact on your computer.

Requirements include:

Data Requirements

RealTest requires that you provide data for the markets that you wish to test and trade.

Supported data sources include:

Data from any of the above sources can be combined for use in the same tests, and other information such as symbol-specific events can easily be added.

Data must be in daily bar format. RealTest is able to compress daily data into weekly or monthly bars. Intraday data is not currently supported.

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