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Third-Party Products and Services for RealTest

The Chartist

A highly-regarded Australian firm with several offerings for RealTest.

Beginners Guide to Building Trading Systems

Trading System Mentor Course

RealTest Turnkey Code

Quantifiable Edges

Rob Hanna now offers two courses that utilize RealTest.

VIX Trading Course - see this award-winning paper

Market Timing Course - 2023 Expanded Edition

Algorithmic Advantage

Simon & Rich run an excellent podcast and blog featuring in-depth interviews of seasoned traders and managers.

The Algorithmic Advantage

Matt Radtke

Matt offers a wide range of consulting services including RealTest script development.

Quant For Hire

Brent Penfold

Brent kindly features RealTest on his IndexTrader website.

Software Solution for my Courses, Models and Workshops

Let us know if you have a product or service for RealTest users that you'd like to see featured here. We neither request nor offer affiliate sales commissions.

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