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Report Options Dialog





The Report Options dialog is accessible via the View Menu:



All the options specified via this dialog relate to the Test Summary Report.

Because summary reports are static web pages (HTML and PNG files), these options only apply to newly created reports, not previously created ones:

Include in New Reports

The items in this group let you decide whether to include or omit each available section of the report.

Report Format - Width

Governs the maximum width constant that is placed in the generated in the HTML code.

          Report Format - MC Samples and MC Best/Worst

Specifies these options for the Monte Carlo analysis plots if those are included.

Report Format - Batch Mode Display

Controls whether reports are opened in the browser after tests are run from the command line (batch mode).

Open Folder

Opens the Reports folder, in case you want to access specific reports directly or do some cleanup.

Refresh Index

Re-generates the index.html file in the Reports folder, which is linked to by the "Report List" link in each report.





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