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The Program Options dialog is accessible via the View Menu:



Most of the options that can be specified using this dialog relate to the running of scripts:

Default File Paths

These specify the starting point to use when a script refers to a non-fully-specified (relative) file path.

The Scripts path applies to any non-RTD input file referenced in a script, e.g. Include or TradeList.

The Data path applies to any RTD file reference (whether input or output), i.e. DataFile.

The Output path applies to all non-RTD output files, e.g. SaveScanAs, SaveTradesAs, etc.

Again, all the above only apply when a partial (relative) path is used in a script. See File Path Specification for additional details.

Please note that whenever you decide to change a default path location, you are responsible for renaming and/or moving the actual folders yourself.

Additionally, the sub-folders Info, Logs, Orders, and Reports are automatically created under your Output folder, for use as the default destination of those specific output types.

Maximum Memory

Specifies a threshold above which RealTest will stop trying to allocate memory and instead will give a warning. Program stability is not guaranteed if you try to use more than 100% of installed RAM, i.e., make excessive use of virtual memory page swapping.

Maximum Threads

Specifies how many threads to create and use when running multi-threaded calculations, such as for the Data Section. RealTest allows up to 32 threads to be used.

Extract one-pass items

Provides a way to turn off this Data Section calculation speed optimization that requires more memory when used. Leave checked unless running your script causes low-memory warnings.

Auto #OnePerX

Provides a way to disable Data Section space-saving optimization in case it is incorrect in an unforeseen item formula variation. See #OnePerDate and #OnePerSym.

Log calculation details

If selected, the timing and other details about the calculation of each Data Section item is logged whenever calculation occurs. This can be useful to discover which items are causing calculation delays, and to see the value type and #OnePerX status of each item.

Date Format

Specifies how dates are displayed in the user interface, trade lists, etc. Dates in imported data such as CSV bar data or an Imported Trade List can be in any recognizable format. If CSV file dates are the opposite of your display date format, use CSVDateFmt or TLDateFmt to resolve.

Panel Colors

Lets you change the background color of the Settings Panel and/or Debug Panel.

Ask before deleting tests

Specifies whether you want to be asked for confirmation when you press the Delete key in the Results window with a test row selected, or when you select "Delete Test" or "Delete All Tests" from the Results Menu.

Ask before unloading data

Specifies whether you want to be asked for confirmation when you do anything that will cause the current data file to be unloaded from memory, such as running an Import, or loading a different data file (whether manually or by running a script that uses a different one). Note that you are only asked for confirmation when unloading the data would require closing one or more open windows that are using that data, such as charts or trade lists.

Ask to save untitled windows

Specifies whether when you want to be asked to save the contents of "(untitled)" Log, Script, or Results windows when you try to close them.

Open CSV files in list view

CSV files can be opened by realtest either as regular text files in a Log window, or as a structured grid in a List window. The list view makes it easier to read the contents of the file, but does not permit editing. Uncheck this box when you want to use RealTest to edit a CSV file.

Always show text orders

When a script run in Orders mode, RealTest generates and displays the list of orders for tomorrow in human-readable text format. If a specific OrdersMode other than Text was specified, a separate order list file in that mode will also be generated and displayed. If you prefer to not see the text order list when also generating e.g. a CSV order file, uncheck this box.

Check for updates

Each time RealTest starts, it compares its version number to a server-based newest release number and gives you the option to download the newer release if found. Uncheck this box to disable checking for updates.





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