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Program Options Dialog




The Program Options dialog is accessible via the View Menu:



Most of the options that can be specified using this dialog relate to the running of scripts:

Earliest Import Year

Allows "Earliest" to be specified as the StartDate for import. Actual start date will be the oldest bar date found or this date, whichever is more recent. Years earlier than this can still be manually specified. This option simply provides a default start date for the "Earliest" choice.

Load data when RealTest starts

If checked, RealTest will automatically load the most recently used RTD file when it is restarted.

Maximum Threads

Specifies how many threads to create and use when running multi-threaded calculations, such as for the Data Section. RealTest allows up to 16 threads to be used.

Show time it takes...

Shows a message in the Status Bar at the end of every script action (Imports, Scans, Tests) showing how long it took to run.

Maximum Memory

Specifies a threshold above which RealTest will stop trying to allocate memory and instead will give a warning. Program stability is not guaranteed if you try to use more than 100% of installed RAM, i.e., make excessive use of virtual memory page swapping.

Show Memory Usage

Uses the rightmost field on the Status Bar to show the percentage of installed RAM currently in use by RealTest.

Date Format

Specifies how dates are displayed and parsed. If you are importing CSV bar data or using an Imported Trade List, this setting must match the format of the dates in those imported items.

Results Rows

Provides an option to suppress the confirmation popup when the delete key is used to delete a row from a Results Window.


Lets you change the background color of the Settings Panel and/or Debug Panel.

User Folder Path

Specifies the default folder when a script refers to a non-fully-specified file path. By default this is the folder where RealTest is installed, but if you prefer to keep your scripts in a different location, this makes it possible to so without having to provide full paths for Include, DataFile, SaveAs, TradeList, etc.





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