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File Path Syntax





There are several places in a RealTest script where a file path is called for.

Script elements that require a file path include: DataFile, IncludeList, TradeList, SaveScanAs, and several others like these.

Unlike most other software where file paths are specified, RealTest neither requires nor allows quotation marks around the path, even when it contains embedded spaces. This saves you from having to remember to type quotes, and makes it more natural for the script editor to suggest multiple choices when you've typed part of the path.

As mentioned under File Paths earlier, RealTest supports both absolute and relative file paths.

Absolute paths typically begin with a drive letter, e.g. C:\RealTest\Scripts\Examples\Combined.rts

Relative paths might be just a file name, e.g. Combined.rts, or the end of a path, e.g. Examples\Combined.rts

When relative paths are used, they are relative to your Script Path, Data Path, or Output Path as specified in the Program Options Dialog.

RealTest also supports a special syntax within any file path that can be used to insert a known item into the path. The following table lists these elements.




the current date in YYYYMMDD format


the current time in HHMMSS format


the next market date after the end date of a test (for order list files)


the full path of the current OrderClerkFolder setting


the full path of the current script, without the name


the full path of the current script, with the name


the name of the test just run (for SaveStatsAs etc.)


the full path to your Windows desktop folder

Additionally, any Windows environment variable can be specified, e.g. ?programdata?, ?onedrive?, etc.




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