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File Paths




The default installation folder for RealTest is c:\Program Files\RealTest.

You have the option to specify a different path during installation if desired.

By default, your User Folder is the RealTest program folder.

The installer creates the following sub-folders under this folder:

Examples - a set of example scripts

Info - stock information reports will go here

Logs - test log files will go here

Orders - generated order lists will go here

Reports - test summary reports will go here

There is an option, available in the Program Options dialog box (via the View menu) to use an alternative folder as your user folder.

Whichever folder is specified as your user folder becomes the default for all file references in any script. For a file directly in this folder, you can simply refer to its name. For a file in a sub-folder, you can use a relative path such as "Examples\script.rts".

When you change your user folder, it is recommended to move all of the folders listed above to that folder before continuing to use RealTest. This will allow, for example, the relative paths in the example scripts to keep working.





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