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File Paths





The default installation folder for RealTest is C:\RealTest.

You have the option to specify a different path during installation if desired.

The installer creates the following sub-folders under this folder:

Scripts - a place to put your own scripts

Scripts\Examples - a set of example scripts

Data - a place to put your imported data files

Output - a place to organize all kinds of RealTest output files, such as scans, trade lists, results files, etc.

Output\Info - stock information reports will go here

Output\Logs - test log files will go here

Output\Orders - generated order lists will go here

Output\Reports - test summary reports will go here

The default parent folder of all of the above is the installation folder, e.g. C:\RealTest.

The Program Options dialog box (via the View menu) provides a way to specify different locations for any of the main three default paths (Scripts, Data, Output).

Please note that whenever you decide to change a default path location, you are responsible for renaming and/or moving the actual folders yourself.






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