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CSV Import




RealTest supports importing data from CSV-formatted ASCII data files of any kind, with the following limitations:

There must be one file per symbol

The name of each file must be SYMBOL dot CSV (e.g. MSFT.CSV)

Each bar of data must be in its own line (row) within each file

The field delimiter must be a comma

The decimal point must be a period (US format)

The following potential anomalies are permitted and handled correctly in CSV import:

Fields with or without quotes around them (quotes are removed)

Quoted numeric fields with embedded commas (quotes and commas are removed)

Dates in any order (ascending or descending or even random – RealTest will sort them)

Columns in any order (but the order must be specified)

Presence or absence of a header row or other extra rows

Dates in any common format (but if numeric, month must come before day)

Split adjusted or un-adjusted data (in which case the real close, raw close, or split factor can also be provided)

Dividends can either be a column in the data, or can be specified in the EventList file as a special event type

Each row can include up to two extra columns with whatever you want in them

Each CSV import path must be specified in its own DataPath statement. (There is no directory tree recursion.)

See also import_csv.rts in the Examples folder for an example.




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