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Date Constants





Date constants can be formatted in any of the following ways:

mm/dd/yy (or dd/mm/yy if that setting is specified)

mm/dd/yyyy (or dd/mm/yyyy ditto)




dd-mmm-yy (where mmm is the first three letters of the month name)

dd-mmm-yyyy (ditto)

Earliest (use the earliest available date as a StartDate)

Latest (use the latest available date as an EndDate)

Date constants are used in the Import, and Scan Settings, and Test Settings script sections.

When using a date in a formula, e.g. iif(Date==20200607), it is simply a number and must therefore be formatted as YYYYMMDD.

If you prefer, you can use ToDate to convert date strings in any of the above formats (except Earliest and Latest) to numbers.




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