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Plot Menu





The Plot menu appears in the menu bar whenever a Plot Window is active, and can also be accessed by pressing the right mouse button within that window.

Each item on this menu also has a single keystroke associated with it, as shown to the right of the item.

Once you become familiar with these keyboard shortcuts, it is rarely necessary to open this menu.

The first seven items on this menu cover the seven types of plots available in this window. See its documentation for details.

Dollars, Trade Percent or Alloc Percent specify the unit to display in the Y axis.

Trade Number or Formula specify the unit to display in he X axis, and therefore the sort order of the data in the plot.

Cross Hair toggles the + crosshair on or off.

Linear Regression Line toggles the display of the linear regression of the data in the plot.

Log Analysis Stats toggles the logging mode for certain plot types.

Copy Image To Clipboard places a bitmap image of the currently displayed plot into the Windows clipboard.

Save Image As PNG File prompts for a file path to save the currently displayed plot in PNG image format.

Options opens the plot options dialog box.




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