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The Script menu appears in the menu bar whenever a Script Window is active, and can also be accessed by pressing the right mouse button within that window.

Most of the editing functions used in a Script Window can be found on the Edit Menu.

Suggest Choices invokes the auto-complete feature of the editor as if you had not typed anything yet. This pops up a list of every syntax element that is allowed to be used at the point in the script where the cursor is currently located.

Comment / Uncomment Selection toggles the commented state of the current line or selected set of lines. This is done by either inserting or removing // comment marks from the start of each line. If the cursor is on a Script Section definition line when this item is selected, the commenting of the entire section is toggled.

Note that the shortcut key for this menu item is Ctrl+/, which is easy to remember since // is the line comment syntax.

Another convenient shortcut to this feature is to click the mouse in the leftmost vertical margin of the script window:

Options opens the script options dialog box:

The section in the left half of this dialog facilities the choice of which color to use for each type of syntax element that can appear in a script.

To modify a color, click on the ellipses just to the left of an element type name.

Click on the + or - signs to the left of the ellipses to modify the bold and/or italic look for that element.

Click on Background to change the background color or Font to change the typeface or size.

Other options include:

how many spaces to use for each indentation level (tab) at the left of each line in a script

whether to auto-complete the parameter list for a function when the open parenthesis is typed

whether to even offer auto-complete (the entire feature can be disabled here)

whether to show syntax element descriptions within the suggestion list during auto-complete (these are not inserted in the script, just shown in the popup)




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