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Compare Menu





The Compare menu appears in the menu bar whenever a Trade Comparison Window is active, and can also be accessed by pressing the right mouse button within that window.



Show Chart opens a Chart of the symbol involved in the selected trade, showing the entry and exit bars and price levels on the chart. If a row contains two trades, both of their entries and exits are shown. Use the up and down arrow keys on this chart to quickly and easily cycle through the charts of all the trades in the list.

Find Left Trade opens a Trade List Window and highlights the specific trade shown on the left side of the selected row, so that you can see more details about it if needed. Find Right Trade does the same for the trade shown on the right side of the selected row.

Change Settings reopens the dialog box that was used to open the Trade Comparison and allows you to update it with different specifications.

Copy List To Clipboard copies the entire contents of the list to the Windows clipboard as tab-delimited columnar text. This makes it easy to paste the data from the list into a program such as Excel.

Save List As CSV File prompts for a file path and name, then saves the entire contents of the list to the specified file in comma-delimited text (CSV) format.




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