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Category (definition)






Strategy Elements


Assigns a category value to a position at entry time


Formula expression


This formula is evaluated before the EntrySetup for each stock each day, so its value can be accessed in any other entry-related formula using the Category property.

A typical usage, along with the MaxSameCat element, is to limit the number of simultaneous positions from the same sector or industry.

When using Norgate data, either the TRBC or GICS  classification value for the current symbol can be referenced in the Category formula. Using TRBC along with the Top function is an especially convenient way to specify a category for this purpose. For example, Top(TRBC,2) is the economic sector, Top(TRBC,4) is the business sector,  Top(TRBC,6) is the industry group, and Top(TRBC,8) is the specific industry.





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