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Daily Test Statistics


The amount of money allocated to this strategy on this test date


S.Alloc is the most recently calculated value of the Allocation formula.

If no Allocation formula was given, S.Alloc defaults to Combined(S.Equity).

S.Alloc is calculated once per backtest date, before any trade entries or exits are processed. Think of it as the "overnight" account value.

Use S.Alloc to access your current allocation value in the Quantity (position size) formula, if your QtyType is Shares (default) or Value.

If QtyType is Percent, then S.Alloc is automatically used as the value of which to calculate the percentage.

In contrast to S.Alloc, S.Equity is updated every time a trade exit is processed. Since exits are typically processed before entries, S.Alloc may therefore be slightly different from Combined(S.Equity) if referenced in strategy entry-related formulas such as Quantity. Using S.Alloc rather than Combined(S.Equity) in these formulas ensures that backtest position sizes match what the order quantities would have been without knowledge of that morning's exit details.

S.Alloc is used in many of the default test statistics formulas provided in the Results and Graphs scripts.

It is also used internally as the denominator of built-in stats such as S.DDPct, S.MaxDDPct, and S.NetPct.

See Asset Allocation and Position Sizing for additional information.




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